Who We Are

Code Branch is an online academy founded by Ben and Matt, two software developers with a love for coaching. We are opinionated, about both coaching and software development. We value:

Our coaches are all experienced developers. We have occupied many roles in the software industry, as consultants, freelancers, and full-time employees at big and small companies. We've been coaches, trainers, developers, and testers, using a variety of tech stacks.

We have lived and worked in many countries and continents. We speak English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese with various degrees of proficiency.

Our Values

We like to customize the program for each student. If you're not sure what you need to learn, we can recommend a program for you and modify it over time.

Do you share the following values? If so, you would make for a great Code Branch student.

The Founders

Code Branch is based in Berlin, with founders hailing from Canada.

Ben Barnard

Ben has been programming for over 20 years, and his software career has seen him work in Canada, Australia, India and Germany as a developer, consultant, and trainer.

Ben's recent interests include backend and full‑stack development, and automating infrastructure and deployments.


Matt has worked as a software consultant in the US and in Europe. A few years ago, he decided to focus on tech education and has coached many students and startup founders since then.

Matt takes a keen interest in software education, API development, and the mobile web.


Code branch is an undertaking of:

Benjamin Barnard, Thaerstraße 16, 10249 Berlin, Germany
VAT number (USt-IdNr.): DE308601151


Matthieu Tanguay-Carel, Niederbarnimstraße 6, 10247 Berlin, Germany
VAT number (USt-IdNr.): DE299105683