Release Your Product

We help you finish your MVP and make sure you are ready for production.

a Prototype

We help your idea materialize.

We can analyze your problem space and experiment with existing technology to confirm that your idea is feasible. When you're ready to start the implementation, we can recommend a reliable tech stack.

your skills

We help you build on your current abilities.

Many entrepreneurs want to build their product themselves. It's a good way to maintain control and independence. We can help you broaden your skills so that you are able to release to production and iterate onwards.

your codebase

We assess your current situation.

If you already have a codebase but want to make sure that you are building quality software, we can assess your assets and implement good testing practices.


Here are a few examples of what we work on with other entrepreneurs.


Make progress on your prototype while learning the ropes from a professional. Have a weekly checkpoint to guide that week's development.

Choosing technology and architecture

Run experiments with different technologies or algorithms and settle on a reliable tech stack.

Fleshing out and prioritizing features

Codify your requirements and make sure you are always working on the most important piece.

Performing code reviews

Meet with your coach as a pit stop to make sure your code is maintainable and well tested.

Provisioning of cloud infrastructure

Commission the proper software and hardware from your cloud provider and set up your staging and production environments.

Deploying to production

Set up a good deployment process with automated tests and rollbacks.

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